PS5 restock: GAME stock date confirmed – and it's incredibly close

The next PlayStation 5 restock is the best chance to get a console in time for Christmas

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The news all PlayStation 5 seekers far and wide have been waiting for has just been confirmed. Yes, the UK's biggest video games retailer, GAME, is hosting another massive restock opportunity, ensuring consumers can get a console in time for Christmas.

Check for PS5 stock at GAME now

We're all very aware of how hard it is to get a PS5 today, and while the US and UK government are trying to address the issue, it's unlikely a solution will be put in place in the near future. Thankfully, Sony is doing its best to make sure retailers are nice and stocked up for the holiday season. Not to mention, the platform holder itself has hosted more than half a dozen restocks of its own since November. 

One of those retailers is GAME, which will now go live with a new allotment of PS5 stock on either December 9th or December 10th, according to the very reliable PS5 Stock UK Twitter account. Everything from disc and digital consoles to bundles and various accessories is expected to be up for grabs.  

The last restock from GAME took place on November 30th, lasting a good couple of hours. Prior to this, there was another sale on November 17th, which followed five weeks of constant stock drops from the store across October to November. Standalone disc PS5 consoles are always the first to go, hence why we always say go for bundles. 

Naturally, bundles are a little more expensive but you will need games regardless, so it makes sense to get a few thrown in at a cheaper price, rather than buying separately. Any with Ratchet & Clank are good calls from our recent experience, considering the likes of Spider-Man and FIFA normally sell out fast. Basically the more expensive the bundles, the more likely they will be around, for obvious reasons. 

If you don't fancy a bundle, then we recommend reading our tips guide on how to beat the bots while more importantly, keeping your eyes glued to GAME's website. Outside of this, Amazon might be prepping for another big drop next week. You can find out the latest information via the official T3 PS5 restock tracker.  

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