PS5 restock: Argos has a restock date and it's a big win for Christmas

A new shipment of PlayStation 5 consoles will be arriving at local stores over the coming days

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Update: Argos stock has gone live this morning, as expected. Make your way over to the Argos website as fast as you can to claim a PS5, or to find out where your local store is based. It really is a fantastic opportunity! 

Check PS5 stock at Argos now

Stores opened from 8AM UK time with PS5 stock coming in and out of stock all day (online), depending on the region. Make sure to drop by your local store to check for stock and fingers crossed, you will have a console for Christmas. Good luck! 

Original Story: New information has surfaced pointing to the next restock date concerning Argos and it's exactly what we wanted to hear ahead of Christmas. Yes, thankfully it comes to light that the retailer is preparing for a big restock over the coming days, setting up a fantastic opportunity to grab a console for the holidays.

This week has already started very generously, with BT, ShopTo and Sony all putting stock up for sale. There are no signs of slowing down either with more likely to come from the EE and PlayStation Direct stores. Hard to believe it's been more than 12 months since the console's launch and it's still a nightmare to purchase. 

Anyway, let's focus on the next stock drop from Argos. The retailer has received both disc and digital consoles with the shipment now being distributed to local stores around the UK (via PS5 Stock UK). Following this, an online and in-store restock is expected from December 10th (Friday).  

While Argos' online store leaves a lot to be desired, it has been excellent with its in-store purchases. We've seen tremendous amounts of people sharing successes online by just dropping by on their morning community or on a lunchtime. This is why we urge you to start dropping in at your local store later this week if you want a chance at taking home Sony's game machine without the chaos of online. 

Argos previously went live with its biggest restock since launch on November 18th, made up of disc, digital and bundles. We're expecting the same from Argos again. If you do opt for online for whatever reason, go for bundles to be in with the best chance of getting a console. Obviously, in-store you can pick from whatever is available.

If Argos doesn't go live on December 10th then sometime between December 14th to 17th is expected, going off the social media tracker's highly reliable record. Either way, it's undoubtedly one of the best and final few opportunities to get a PS5 for Christmas. To keep up with all other restocks, head to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker.  

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