OnePlus Nord pre-orders sold out but you can still get yours early!

A second round of pre-orders is on the way

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The OnePlus Nord is the upcoming smartphone from OnePlus that's just been announced,  but not quite revealed. The specs of the phone are still under wraps, with OnePlus building up the hype by dropping a four-part docuseries charting the six-month journey behind its development.

The company has managed to build a burgeoning community of fans with its historically affordable devices that don't scrimp on features or quality, and while it's strayed into the premium flagship territory itself in recent years - the OnePlus 8 Series being a prime example - its new mid-tier of line of smartphones will rectify that.

After opening up just 100 pre-orders for the as-yet unrevealed OnePlus Nord today, it (predictably) sold out, but you're still in with a chance to get your order in before anyone else. 

OnePlus France VP Akis Evangelidis confirmed the first round of pre-orders were sold out almost immediately. The official OnePlus Twitter account has since swooped in with some good news, confirming a second round is on the way. Currently, pre-orders are for Europe only, although the Nord is confirmed to be launching in both Europe and India on release. 

Evangelidis has said Indian pre-orders are on the way, so we're guessing the second pre-order run is also exclusively for European customers. If you want to be in with a chance, then get ready for 'round 2' next week, on Wednesday, July 8.

At this point, we don't know much about the specs at all, except that the Nord will house a Snapdragon 765G processor and will sell for less than $500, making it future-proof for the 5G roll-out. The pre-orders are being made on faith only, which speaks to the loyalty the brand has fostered over the years. It's a community-driven company and is even having community watch parties for its Nord documentary on Instagram.

It looks like the next episode of the documentary will go live on Instagram next week, on July 7, so either OnePlus will kick it up a notch after that, or we'll see it drip-fed in weekly instalments along with small quantities of pre-orders every week to keep the momentum going, leading up to a big reveal in three weeks.

According to Twitter users who have claimed to have successfully placed a pre-order, you'll only need to pay a £20 deposit. Another user has shared a screenshot of their pre-order confirmation screen with a ship date of July 2, but we remain dubious that OnePlus would confirm a ship date right now, especially not one as soon as tomorrow.    

If you want to get your pre-order in before anyone else, be sure to follow OnePlus' social media accounts to get early updates.  

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