OnePlus 12 global launch date revealed and you don't have long to wait

The new Android phone is going to be with us in just a few short weeks

Two people holding a OnePlus 12 each
(Image credit: OnePlus)

It's been a busy few days for the folks over at OnePlus. After weeks of leaks and rumours, their next flagship – the OnePlus 12 – was finally given an official unveiling in recent days.

It looks like a nifty handset, too. You'll find the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset inside. That's paired with a 2K display and a hefty camera array.

That includes a 48MP Sony main sensor, alongside a 64MP periscope telephoto with a 3x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilisation. That main sensor is said to be the one found in the OnePlus Open, too.

It's also set to take on the Rain Touch feature. That debuted on one of OnePlus' cheaper models earlier in the year, and enables users to make use of their handset even under intense waterfall.

Now, details have been confirmed about the launch date for the model. It's set to enjoy a launch in the Chinese market on the 5th of December – just one week from today!

That's not long at all until we'll have a chance to see the device in action. Generally speaking, OnePlus release their handsets on a global scale around a month after their Asian launches, which means we should see it sometime in January.

I'm excited by this release. It has the potential to be a really top notch Android phone, with the potential to rival next-gen Samsung phones and the like. 

In particular, I'm excited to see the Rain Touch appear on a flagship device. That has the potential to be a really impressive feature, and one which is unique to OnePlus. That in itself could be enough to sway some users, with a truly useful real-world feature which can't be found elsewhere.

For now, then, we'll just have to wait patiently until the device launches in the wider global market. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out, though.

Sam Cross
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