One kettlebell and these three exercises for a strong and stable core

They'll only take you 10 minutes

Woman doing kettlebell core workout
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Are you bored of standing ab workouts or feel like your bodyweight core exercises aren’t challenging enough any more? Then you should try this kettlebell workout. With these three simple exercises you’ll build up your deep core muscles, as well as your abdominals, which will help aid better balance and stability.

If you’ve never really thought about picking up a kettlebell before (maybe you’ve always favoured using a pair of dumbbells) then now's the time to give it a go! A kettlebell is a great piece of home gym equipment that can help build strength and muscle (just like a pair of dumbbells) but, they’re also great for more dynamic, powerful movements, building core strength and are great to include in functional workouts.

This workout only has three exercises and, although the moves may come across as quite ‘basic’, once you get going you’ll see how much they challenge your core as they require very good stability. Opt for a weight that allows you to master the correct form first. Once you can perform the exercises correctly, then you can increase the weight (an adjustable kettlebell, like in our best kettlebell guide is good for this). Ready to work that core? Here are your exercises: 

  • Curl halos, 10 reps
  • Kneeling chest press, 10 reps
  • Split Squat with a press, 5 reps each side

If you're adding this onto the end of another workout, do this workout two times, but if this is your entire core workout, then try and do it four times. Make sure you're also wearing a good pair of workout shoes and have something comfortable to sit on, like an exercise mat. Want more core and ab exercises? We've got another kettlebell workout, this one is a four-move one though, or you could always try this dumbbell standing ab workout instead.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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