Four exercises and this kettlebell workout for a strong, functional core

Improve balance, stability, while also working your abdominals

Woman doing Russian twists with a kettlebell
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Here at T3 we’ve got plenty of bodyweight ab exercises and lots of standing core workouts using dumbbells – but have you ever considered using a kettlebell to strengthen your torso? These four floor exercises will take you less than 15 minutes and all you’re going to need are (you guessed) a single kettlebell and an exercise/yoga mat

If your goal is to build a six-pack, then this workout may not be ideal for you. Although these exercises will work your abdominal muscles, they’re mainly targeting your core, therefore they’re really going to focus on improving your stability and balance. This probably doesn't sound as sexy as having abs, but a stronger, more stable core can reduce the likelihood of injury and back pain. 

This kettlebell workout is a circuit, where you'll be doing 10 reps for each exercise (on both sides where necessary) and you'll do these back-to-back. Once you've finished the first round you'll get a 40 seconds rest, before going in and completing the workout one more time. Use a light kettlebell to make sure you master your form first. Once you've perfected this, you can slowly increase the weight. Here's your workout:

  • Pull throughs
  • Forwards and back
  • High plank with a twist
  • High plank taps

Do this three times a week consistently for four weeks and your core will definitely be stronger (and your body will thank you as a result). If you don't have a kettlebell you can always use a single dumbbell for this workout too. Want more core workouts? Try this exercise that recently transformed my core or this 15 minute core workout that also strengthens your back.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
Staff Writer, Active

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