This 6-move standing ab workout is all you need to improve your core strength

No-weights, no-frill home workout for a stronger midriff

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For some reason – we are yet to find out why – people prefer standing ab workouts over ones you perform on the ground. Maybe it's because standing exercises, such as the 6-move bodyweight routine below, don't require any equipment, or possibly because it makes less noise. Either way, it's worth checking out because, as well as helping you sculpt your abs, this workout can help improve balance.

Now, we know that online core workouts are a dime a dozen, but even if you tried hundreds, that doesn't mean you shouldn't give this one a go. After all, a strong core can help you perform everyday tasks easier and can improve lower back pain, according to Harvard Health Publishing. And, you know, it can also help make your abs pop as an added bonus.

This core workout features six different exercises, and you'll perform them for 8-12 reps on each slide, then repeat on the other side. The instructor recommends 1-3 sets, dependent on your fitness level. As for breaks, allow 30-60 seconds between exercises and 60-90 seconds between sets. Don't rush the movements, and rest for longer if needed. The moves in this workout are (with some tips from the instructor):

  • Knee Lift + Spinal Flexion Pull - Extend Leg/Arms: Go slow and imagine you are pulling something heavy down with the arms and up with the leg at the same time.
  • Knee Lift Hold + Slow Twist: How far you twist is not important. Aim to keep the knee frozen/hips still as you twist.
  • Side Leg Lift: Reach the leg as long as possible, not high. My hand on my side helps me focus on lifting from the oblique.
  • Side Leg Lift + Knee Pull: Freeze the leg long right before and after the knee. Hips and shoulders stay square to the front.
  • Crossbody Knee Pulls: As the leg reaches long to side, slightly rotate the torso in the opposite direction. Adds more balance, challenge and control.
  • Heel Lift Diving Hinge Reach: Heels are not high, just hovering off the ground. Go slow and work on length more than depth.

And you're done! If you found this workout too easy, why not try ab rollouts? All you need is one of the best ab rollers. Celebrities like training their core, too. Here's Chris Hemsworth's core exercise routine for toned abs you can do at home and the bodyweight core exercise Dwayne Johnson uses to get his Rock-hard abs. How long should an ab workout last? We're glad you asked.

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