Dwayne Johnson reveals what bodyweight exercise he uses to get his Rock-hard abs

Now we can all have a core-tastic midriff like an action movie star

Dwayne Johnson
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There's no denying that Dwayne Johnson AKA, The Rock, is always in phenomenal shape, and if he's ever willing to hand out workout tips, then we're all ears. However, the former WWE wrestler recently shared that the secret to his gains isn't actually anything to do with doing hundreds of push-ups or bicep curls but is, in fact, all about having a strong core. Luckily for us, he's shared exactly what that core exercise is.

Our core can often get overlooked unless we're set on building a six-pack, but it's so much more than aesthetics. A strong core can help prevent injury, aid balance and back pain, and improve exercise performance.

The Rock says that this is the exercise he does to strengthen his entire core and that ab exercises are actually something he had to focus on a lot when he tore his abdominal wall during a wrestling match. Now, they’re a firm part of his routine. 

In the video, Dwayne performs 15 reps, but if that’s a bit of a struggle, then we recommend trying to start with 10 and doing three sets with a 40-second rest in between.

Make sure you really crunch when lifting at the top of the movement to turn on those deep core muscles. Once you can easily do 10, then you could try holding either a dumbbell or even a weighted plate throughout the movement to get those stomach muscles firing up even more.

Can’t do it at all? Sit on the floor and just start by focusing on either lifting your chest or your legs, then move onto the full movement when you’re ready.

Remember, you don’t have to spend ages on your core, but a little a day will go a long way. Our six-minute no-equipment home core workout is ideal if you’re pushed for time, and make sure you check out this expert's diet and workout tips for better abs before starting.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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