You only need 15 minutes and this core workout to get strong abs and back

No need to buy any equipment, either

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How long does it take to get a six-pack? Longer than 15 minutes, and we aren't trying to convince anyone that doing this exercise alone will help you achieve the coveted washboard abs. However, this and similar core workouts can help you accentuate ab muscles while also making you feel fitter by strengthening the core area of your body.

The core consists of the muscles surrounding your torse, including your abs, obliques, lower back and hope area. A strong core can improve stability and balance, which can help you in a variety of ways, from reduced back pain to enhanced mobility. A well-developed core is also essential to help you stand taller. Plus, having a strong core means strong abs, and considering a low-enough body fat percentage, that could mean visible abs. Start working on your six-pack now to avoid disappointment later (i.e. summer). 

This is a no-repeat bodyweight workout, which means there is a long list of exercises, but you only perform these once for 30 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest, before moving on to the next one. The finisher section of the workout is particularly intense; 30 seconds per exercise without rest. Feel free to adjust this to your fitness level and allow some breaks if necessary. The exercises in this workout are as follows:

  • Deadbugs – here's how to do dead bugs
  • Leg drops
  • Scissor kicks
  • Leg raise + climber (3-sec hold, right leg)
  • Leg raise + climber (3-sec hold, left leg)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Bicycles
  • Legs up + down + in
  • AB hold
  • Scissor kicks + legs up down
  • Side plank crunch (left)
  • Side plank dips (left)
  • Side plank crunch (right)
  • Side plank dips (right)
  • Low plank dips
  • Knee + toe taps (right arm, left leg)
  • Knee + toe taps (left arm, right leg)
  • Low plank walk
  • Alternating leg drops
  • Reverse crunch + hip lift
  • Crunches
  • Crunch + leg lift
  • Straight-leg bicycles
  • Hollow knee hug

Although you won't need any home weights for this workout, you might want to consider an exercise mat (here's T3's best yoga mat guide for inspiration). For more core action, check out the best core exercises, this 6-minute no-equipment core workout or this 5-move dumbbell standing ab workout for a stronger core.

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