OMEGA X Swatch just teased a Snoopy-inspired MoonSwatch

What’s next for the OMEGA X Swatch collaboration? Snoopy is the answer

A lifestyle image of the MoonSwatch Mission to the Earth
(Image credit: Swatch)

If you’ve been wondering about what’s happening next with the OMEGA X Swatch MoonSwatch collaboration, look no further. Swatch has just teased an upcoming Snoopy collaboration on its Instagram, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Released on 24th January 2024, Swatch released a video that shows a blue briefcase containing photos of the moon and planets, and a selection of watches inside. The briefcase is closed by Snoopy who proceeds to howl at the moon. The Instagram post has no caption, so it doesn’t give us a huge indication of what is coming or when… but it’s already got people talking.

The OMEGA X Swatch collaboration has been extremely popular since its launch of the original eight planet-inspired Bioceramic watches. Throughout 2023, a new limited edition MoonSwatch was released every month in accordance with the full moon.

Almost all the watches were based on the MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon, aside from the special edition of the MoonSwatch Mission to the Neptune which relaunched after dye issues. The main changes to each timepiece was the second hand design, inspired by the month’s full moon . For example, National Swiss Day in August was celebrated with a MoonSwatch featuring Swiss lantern patterns while November’s Beaver Moon had hidden dam and beaver teeth accents.

After the last MoonSwatch debuted at the end of December, there were questions about whether there would be more special editions in 2024, and it looks like Snoopy could help the collaboration continue this year. Both OMEGA and Swatch have a longstanding history with the Snoopy and Peanuts cartoon, so it’s exciting to see what the collaboration will look like.

The OMEGA Speedmaster and Snoopy have had a long history together, due to their connection to NASA. In 1969, the OMEGA Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission and the Silver Snoopy Award is a special honour awarded to NASA employees and contractors for achievements related to human flight safety and missions. Due to these affiliations, Snoopy has appeared on OMEGA watches frequently.

Similarly, Swatch has already featured Snoopy in its own watches with its Swatch x Peanuts collection. The watches are fun, colourful and graphically decorated with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and other characters. While the design is anything but simple, the dials are laid back, and not as elaborate or technical as the MoonSwatch.

Judging from comments on the Instagram post, some people think it might look similar to the existing Snoopy design of OMEGA Speedmaster which has a white dial, blue hands and accents, and Snoopy on the moon inside one of the chronographs. As MoonSwatch tends to only add to the hands with different icons and patterns, it could stick to this idea and have Snoopy cartoons dotted on the hands, but time will tell.

As someone who has been following the MoonSwatch releases, I’m excited to see what the Snoopy edition will look like and what the future holds for the collaboration. But this video tease has left me with more questions than answers.

Will there be new MoonSwatch special editions coming out each month like last year? Will it be all Snoopy-based or will it expand to other cartoon-inspired iterations of the MoonSwatch? We’ve seen Swatch timepieces inspired by The Simpsons so who knows? All I know is I can’t wait to find out!

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