Swatch celebrates The Simpsons with donut inspired watch

The Swatch x The Simpsons watch is making me hungry…

Swatch The Simpsons SECONDS OF SWEETNESS watch
(Image credit: Swatch)

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has just unveiled a new watch, inspired by The Simpsons. In celebration of the popular cartoon, the Swatch SECONDS OF SWEETNESS is a playful, colourful watch that pays homage to the TV show and its most iconic character, Homer Simpson… and I’m hungry just looking at it!

Best known for its bold and eye-catching designs, Swatch has become increasingly popular due to its collaborations, including the MoonSwatch in partnership with Omega and the Blancpain Scuba Fifty Fathoms. Taking inspiration from The Simpsons, Swatch has just debuted its new The Simpsons collection which is sure to appeal to fans and sweet lovers alike.

The SECONDS OF SWEETNESS watch is pretty hard to miss, thanks to its intense colours and quirky style. The ‘almost good enough to eat’ watch showcases the iconic bright pink-frosted donut that Homer regularly eats in the franchise on the dial. The donut is complete with multi coloured sprinkles and an oversized bite taken out of it which sits around the 12 o’clock mark.

The donut design doesn’t stop there as the pink frosting and sprinkles run down the length of the silicone strap. Unsurprisingly, the donut design of the SECONDS OF SWEETNESS watch is identical to the donut from the show. In the promo video, the SECONDS OF SWEETNESS is also shown in fun packaging, similar to a donut box.

For the perfect contrast of colours and brightness, the watch has a matte yellow biosourced case and strap, identical to the colour of The Simpsons characters. Other features of the SECONDS OF SWEETNESS watch include a quartz movement, biosourced glass and a 3 bar water resistance.


(Image credit: Swatch)

The hands of the watch are black and sit inside the donut, although the dial doesn’t have any hour markers. Where the bite has been taken out of the donut, you can see more of the yellow background and the Swatch logo is printed there. Speaking of logos, the back of the strap displays the signature of cartoonist, animator and creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening in the TV show’s font. The watch clasp also features The Simpsons logo and the watch is complete with a light blue buckle.

On the Swatch website, it says that the SECONDS OF SWEETNESS is part of The Simpsons collection. As of writing, this is the only watch available in the collection… so could this mean there are more The Simpsons themed watches coming in the future?

I certainly hope so. This year, I’ve really been enjoying seeing the best watch manufacturers having fun with their designs and taking inspiration from TV shows, art and symbols. For example, the Rolex emoji watch debuted at Watches and Wonders earlier this year and Timex recently came out with The Met art gallery timepieces, featuring artwork from Van Gogh and Hokusai.

The Swatch SECONDS OF SWEETNESS is sure to appeal to fans of The Simpsons franchise and I can’t wait to see if they expand the new collection. The SECONDS OF SWEETNESS watch is available to buy at Swatch for £91.

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