The latest MoonSwatch relaunches the rare Mission to Neptune

The rarest MoonSwatch is back for a limited time only

MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune
(Image credit: MoonSwatch)

Another month, another MoonSwatch launch! Announced on 28th August 2023, MoonSwatch is releasing a new limited edition watch to its expanding collection, and this latest iteration is a tribute to the Blue Moon. Throughout 2023, each month has been celebrated with a new MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold with a different hand design, but this month marks a noticeable shift away from this tradition.

For those new to MoonSwatch, it’s a collaboration between Omega and Swatch comprising 11 chronograph watches. Each month (and under each full moon) a new special and limited edition is released, and for August, the new release from MoonSwatch is the Mission to Neptune.

Announced on the Swatch Instagram page, the post had close-up images of the new timepiece, with a caption reading: “This Mission to Neptune is a tribute to the Blue Moon of August and features a Moonshine Gold seconds hand.” The Mission to Neptune will be released on 30th August and will come with a certificate confirming that the watch was created under the full moon.

So, what’s different about the new Mission to Neptune watch? Throughout this year, each new edition has had the same design but different second hand patterns. Each special edition MoonSwatch has a 42mm bioceramic black and grey case case, a matte black dial and a black velcro strap. Powered by a quartz movement, the watches have three chronographs around the watch face and moon and space imagery etched on the case back.

The different versions (so far) have included a plain gold hand and more extravagant designs, including strawberries, flowers and Swiss lanterns. But the main difference between these iterations is that this new special edition is based on the Neptune timepiece rather than the Mission to the Moon model. 

The Mission to Neptune (which happens to be Daniel Craig’s favourite MoonSwatch) is entirely blue, steering away from the Moon model which is black and grey. Keeping with the seconds hand theme, the Mission to Neptune has a solid gold hand that’s simple, classic and understated, letting the blue MoonSwatch be the centre of attention.

The Mission to Neptune is actually the most rare MoonSwatch, but that’s not necessarily for the best reason. According to many wearers who initially bought the Neptune model, there was an issue with the blue dye rubbing off on the skin. Due to this, MoonSwatch took it out of production to correct the issue, which made this MoonSwatch the rarest and most difficult model to buy from the brand.

This new edition almost relaunches and reinvents the Mission to Neptune watch with its different seconds hand. But as someone who’s been keeping track of the new MoonSwatch launches, I have to say this one might be my least favourite. I love seeing what the new hands are going to look like each month, but this special edition seems to be rectifying a problem rather than introducing something new and exciting.

Having said that, if people have been looking to get their hands on the Mission to Neptune, now is the best time to buy it. Similar to its other releases, the new MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune is available to buy in select Swatch stores.

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