Now even Daniel Craig is a fan of the MoonSwatch

James Bond fans will be shaken, not stirred, to see 007 wearing a Swatch

Daniel Craig in front of blue curtain wearing a MoonSwatch
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If you thought the MoonSwatch’s enormous popularity might be slowly starting to subside, we have bad news for you. Daniel Craig has just been spotted wearing one.

Craig was seen with the Mission to Neptune model on his wrist while attending the National Board of Review Awards Gala on 8 January. He was there to present the award for Best Supporting Actress to Janelle Monáe for her role in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, in which Craig plays the star role of Detective Benoit Blanc.

The James Bond actor’s association with Omega is strong, thanks to the Omega Seamaster being 007's watch of choice throughout his tenure, inspiring many popular spin-offs. Craig is also an Omega brand ambassador, and most recently attended a launch event in London, dressed as Bond, to promote the brand’s latest 007 timepiece.

Daniel Craig in front of blue curtain wearing a MoonSwatch

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The very Seamaster worn by Craig in his final Bond film, No Time To Die, sold at auction last year for over £225,000.

But for Craig to wear a MoonSwatch? That’s a big deal in entirely its own way. Not least because this is a watch based on Omega’s other famous timepiece, the Speedmaster, a watch certified by Nasa for the Apollo moon missions and as storied as it’s possible for a watch to be.

Does this hint at Omega and Swatch, which are both owned by the Swatch Group, working together on another collaboration, possibly adding some playful colour to the Seamaster? As we’ve said before, we’ll be at the front of the queue if that happens.

Even if that’s not the case, it’s still a big deal for Craig to be seen wearing a plastic, £218 Swatch with a smart suit, while on stage at a glitzy awards ceremony. Like watch website Hodinkee said, it was “one of those ‘holy sh*t’ watch spotting moments” and one that we can’t help but be excited by.

Blue MoonSwatch Neptune on a white background

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As for when MoonSwatch shortages might ease, it’s still impossible to say. The watch has been around for 10 months now, yet it still isn’t available to buy online; still sells for inflated prices on the grey market; still commands long queues at every store that stocks it.

If Swatch really is still struggling to produce enough MoonSwatches to meet demand, then slapping one on arguably the most famous Omega wearer of this century isn’t going to help tame those queues any time soon.

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