This MoonSwatch has been to space and could be yours

A collective called For Exhibition Purposes Only is using NFTs as a way to raffle the first MoonSwatch in space

Swatch MoonSwatch in space
(Image credit: For Exhibition Purposes Only)

We’re approaching a whole year since the MoonSwatch was first announced, but getting hold of the Omega x Swatch collaboration is still difficult, with stock levels low and shop queues forming daily.

All that time has given sellers the chance to get creative – and perhaps none more so than a watch fan collective called For Exhibition Purposes Only (FEPO). They secured a MoonSwatch, the ‘Mission to The Moon’ edition, which looks most like the original Omega Speedmaster, and launched it into space.

The watch reached an altitude of 33,566 metres. And although that is some way short of the Kármán line, which defines the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space at 100,000 metres, it’s high enough to clearly see the curvature of the Earth and the inky blackness of space beyond.

Those scenes were captured by a camera sent up with the MoonSwatch, facing the timepiece and recording footage of its descent back to Earth. This footage was then cut up into 960 video clips, each five seconds long, and turned into NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

It’s now possible to buy these NFTs for 0.03 ETH (£32.54 at the time of writing) each, and doing so secures you a randomly allocated five-second video clip — but more importantly, that clip acts as your ticket in a raffle to win the space-travelled MoonSwatch.

FEPO says it will pick a winner at random on 31 January, and that person will be given the MoonSwatch, complete with a fetching orange watch strap from Molequin. Everyone who buys an NFT can keep their video clip, or like with other NFTs they can be sold, traded or gifted. The organisers say the 31 January deadline might be brought forward if all 960 entries are sold before then..

The collective says 20-percent of all proceeds from the raffle will be donated to Make-a-Wish Foundation. FEPO recommends using MetaMask as a digital wallet for purchasing and storing the NFT.

This is all described as FEPO 001, and the group says that “with some luck and if the community wants us to” it’ll be back for FEPO 002 soon.

Alistair Charlton

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