Omega X Swatch is back with fifth edition of MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold

MoonSwatch 5th Mission to Moonshine Gold pays homage to its Swiss roots

MoonSwatch 5th Mission to Moonshine Gold
(Image credit: MoonSwatch)

A fifth edition of the popular Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch has just been released, and this latest iteration pays homage to its Swiss roots. Launched on National Swiss Day (1st August), the new MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold has the same striking design and features it’s known for but with a fun Swiss-inspired pattern on the seconds hand.

Since its official release in early 2022, it’s safe to say that many people have become obsessed with MoonSwatch, and T3 is no different! Not only is MoonSwatch considered to be one of the best watches on the market today, but it also won best watch at the T3 Awards 2023.

The newest edition of the MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold was recently announced on the Swatch Instagram page. With close up images of the timepiece in all its glory, the caption read: “This Mission to the Moon has a seconds hand made of OMEGA's Moonshine Gold featuring an emblematic Swiss lantern pattern. Swatch commemorates August 1st, the Swiss National Day, also paying homage to Switzerland, the home country of OMEGA and Swatch.”

Taking a close look at this fifth version of the MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold, the only part of the watch that’s changed is the design on the seconds hand. The gold plated seconds hand – which was made exclusively during a full moon in July 2023 – is covered in traditional Swiss lanterns which have the white cross and red flag of Switzerland printed on them. This pop of colour is subtle yet striking and stands out against the black and white background of the MoonSwatch.

Aside from this new detailing, the new MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold is similar to its predecessors. The watch has a 42mm bioceramic black and grey case case, a matte black dial and a black velcro strap. It’s powered by a quartz movement, has three chronographs around the watch face and the case back displays etched moon and space imagery.

The latest Swiss-inspired design shows that MoonSwatch isn’t slowing down when it comes to trying new things with its seconds hand detailing. The brand has been introducing new styles throughout this year, and while they started out tame with the plain gold hand, they have since expanded into more fun designs, like the Strawberry Moon, which you guessed it, was covered in strawberries!

The latest MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold is slightly more subtle but is still more extravagant than the first few editions. We can’t wait to see what MoonSwatch has coming up next, but it’s safe to say that anyone from Switzerland or who has links to the country is bound to love this new watch.

MoonSwatch is still notoriously difficult to buy and this watch is no exception with it only being available to buy in Swatch stores for $300.

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