The MoonSwatch is now easier to buy

Your chances of finally buying a MoonSwatch might just have improved

(Image credit: Swatch)

It feels like we begin every MoonSwatch story like this, but Swatch’s immensely popular Omega collaboration is still (still) difficult to buy, and online sales still haven’t materialised.

But there is hope. Following news of the must-have watch going on a European tour for its summer holidays, Swatch now says the MoonSwatch collection is available in 28 more stores worldwide.

Previously, and since the watch launched back in March, it was only available at a few stores in each country Swatch operated. Now though, there are 28 extra locations intending to offer MoonSwatch stock, and these are all listed on the Swatch website.

This doesn’t mean everyone can buy one today though, and it means many shoppers will still have to travel – and in some cases, travel hundreds of miles, or even to a neighbouring country – to get their hands on one.

In the UK, for example, there are still only three Swatch stores in England where the MoonSwatch is (sometimes) available, and they are all in London. Head north, and Scotland now has a second MoonSwatch retailer, in the form of the Glasgow Swatch store, alongside the Edinburgh outlet.

Countries with Swatch stores newly designated as MoonSwatch outlets include Austra, France, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico and the USA, as well as Qatar, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

To be clear, these Swatch shops already existed, but are now also stocking the MoonSwatch. This means they’ll have a display case in the window showing every version of the watch, and they will receive occasional (but, hopefully, increasingly frequent) deliveries of MoonSwatch stock.

We’d still love to see the MoonWatch available online, but adding availability to a bunch of new stores suggests manufacturing is finally ramping up. Hopefully this also means deliveries of stock will be more frequent, and fans will, five months later, finally get their hands on the timepiece.

Alistair Charlton

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