Nintendo Wii U pre-orders cancelled by Amazon following listing cancels Wii U UK orders after revealing the consoles release date and price

Amazon has seeming outed the eagerly awaited Nintendo Wii U price and release date with the next-generation console made available for pre-order

Online retail giant Amazon has apologised for an “error” that saw its UK outlet make the upcoming Nintendo Wii U available for pre-order with a budget £199.99 price tag.

Unexpectantly hitting earlier this week, the Nintendo Wii U, which was recently showcased at the Los Angeles based E3 gaming expo for a second consecutive year, briefly appeared as available for pre-order with the console's as yet unconfirmed release date and price tag seeming outed.

Having hastily backtracked to remove the pre-order listing that saw the Nintendo Wii U price leaked at a smidge under the £200 barrier and with a July 14th release date, Amazon has been quick to apologise for the pre-emptive that saw many flock to the site in hunt of a pre-release bargin.

Alerting customers to the accidental listing Amazon has cancelled all pre-orders sending emails to those who splashed out on the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 rival stating “this product was listed on in error.”

Setting the Nintendo Wii U Price at just £199.99 Amazon has suggested Ninty has learnt from the overpricing issues that saw its latest portable gamer, the Nintendo 3DS, suffer from slow post-launch sales and a number of rapid price cuts.

Nintendo Wii U Release Date

Despite having been demonstrated at the Los Angeles based gaming expo, E3, for two straight years, Japanese based gaming giant Nintendo has yet to offer any firm details of a precise Wii U UK release date.

Although remaining cagey around exacting pricing and release date information, the 3DS and Wii manufacturer has confirmed that the Wii U will hit UK stores later this year with a pre-Christmas release seemingly set to see the console made available to consumers around November.

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Via: MCV