Nintendo Switch Pro packing secret weapon to take on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Nintendo throws its hat into the ring with news of a new console next year

Nintendo Switch Lite
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Nintendo has pretty much kept itself out of the console war between the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X, with its hybrid handheld receiving ports of popular PS4 and Xbox One games, as well as a strong selection of first party IPs. 

From a hardware standpoint, it's not competing with Sony and Microsoft, preferring innovation and console-exclusive titles to sell its hardware, but gamers who have been on the fence about picking up a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite may be swayed by news of a Nintendo Switch Pro coming next year with a serious upgrade. 

The Economic Daily News reports (via VGC) that a new Switch model is on the way, entering production this year for a 2021 release. The upgraded hardware will have a deeper level of "interactivity" and an overhaul to the display. 

Bloomberg  has also reported on the upgraded Switch, saying that while the specs have yet to be finalised, the console will be capable of supporting 4K graphics, and will see a boost to performance.

To bolster sales, it also appears that Nintendo has some new first-party titles in the works which will drop around the same time as the new hardware. The strategy worked with the release of the Nintendo Switch which launched alongside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so we don't doubt its efficacy.

A report from earlier this year stated that Nintendo was working on a more powerful console that would house a custom processor developed with Nvidia. We've also heard rumours of a 4K Switch before, so if it does come to fruition, this will likely be reserved for docked mode only. 

A new-and-improved Switch still won't be in direct competition with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, offering a handheld experience and a unique stable of games over and above the two powerhouses, but for those looking to supplement their gaming setup, a hardware overhaul is great news. It's expected to debut in Q1 2021, so we should hear more about it in the coming months. 

Source: VGC

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