Nintendo Switch Pro to battle PS5 and Xbox Series X in Xmas 2020 showdown

The Nintendo Switch Pro is launching Christmas 2020, alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series X, according to a new report

Nintendo Switch Pro PS5 Xbox Series X
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While the Nintendo Switch Lite was a console that, actually, made a load of sense for the Big N to release, it's fair to say that among the gaming community there is a strong desire for a markedly souped-up Nintendo Switch Pro console. And, if an exciting new report is to believed, it looks like that wish is about to be granted, with that super Switch console set to launch alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series X in time for Christmas 2020.

The report, which comes from the Metro, relays rumours coming out of Taiwan, via a South Korean publication, that Nintendo is currently working on a new, more powerful Nintendo Switch Pro console that will use Nvidia's Volta architecture for its graphics chip.

Here is the Google translated text from the South Korean publication in full:

"Apart from the new switch, an improved process battery, the rumor is that Switch Pro is scheduled for the fourth quarter.

"The difference with previous rumors is that Nintendo will not adopt an additional clocked up version of Tegrax1 +.

"Nintendo's partner sources say there are custom processors currently being developed in collaboration with Nvidia, but Taiwan's information says it's not yet time for mass production.

"In other words, it may be difficult to release in the fourth quarter of this year, and unlike rumors, 4k support or such a big performance industry should not expect.

"However, there are rumors that the GPU of a custom processor that is currently working together will be upgraded to Volta based on news from the US."

This information is interesting as existing rumours stated that the so called Switch Pro would use a clocked-up version of the Tegra X1+ GPU, but instead this leak states that Nintendo is working with Nvidia to create a new custom processor based on Volta.

Unfortunately for gamers who have been holding out hope of a 4K Nintendo Switch console, which has been hinted at before, the new Pro rumour explicitly states that the Pro will not have support for 4K.

Does that matter when, if this report proves true, the new Nintendo Switch Pro will be launching alongside the 4K and maybe even 8K next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles?

Well, the short answer is of course not. Nintendo has rarely ruled the roost in terms of hardware power in the console market, and as of late, has sat half a generation to a generation behind Sony and Microsoft in terms of specs. But that has in no way affected the quality of the gaming ecosystem that the Nintendo Switch has delivered.

Nintendo Switch Pro PS5 Xbox Series X

Just imagine a brand new PS5 or Xbox Series X, as well as a Nintendo Switch Pro, tucked under the Christmas 2020 tree.

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There's no denying, though, that for hardcore gamers especially, a more powerful or feature packed Nintendo Switch Pro would help sustain interest in the unique hybrid system in the wake of not just one next-gen console launch but two.

Launching a Nintendo Switch Pro would also, likely, have a beneficial effect on the price of the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles, making them even more accessible to gamers — this would be great for second console adoption, and an ideal double console upgrade for many.

The idea of upgrading from Xbox One or PS4 to Xbox Series X or PS5, followed by a second console upgrade of Nintendo Switch to Nintendo Switch Pro, appeals massively.

Hopefully we will hear more about a new Nintendo Switch Pro console during E3 2020 at one of Nintendo's Treehouse events. Until then, all gamer eyes are turning toward the PS5, which has been called by an industry veteran as being set for an official unveiling in February 2020.

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