Nintendo Switch games revealed: Zelda, Mario, Skyrim and more

The portable and home console combo doesn’t scrimp on top-end gaming titles

Nintendo has taken the wraps off its new Switch console, formerly only known as codename NX. It combines a handheld with a home console and looks stunning. Which is all fine, but a console is only as good as its game, right? So what can we expect?

Nintendo hasn't revealed a massive amount about the console right from the outset but even from its teaser trailer there have been plenty of games shown off that will be coming to Switch.

These are the game we're most looking forward to.

Nintendo Switch games: Zelda

Top of the list has got to be Zelda. Until recently the new game has only been shown off on the Wii U, now we can see it being played on the Nintendo Switch handheld.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks absolutely stunning and new gameplay videos being shown off all the time give us a glimpse at just how immersive this world will be. The fact we will soon be able to continue that adventure even out of the home is very exciting indeed.

Nintendo Switch games: Mario

It wouldn't be a Nintendo console release without a new Mario game, right? It looks like we can expect exactly that. The new Mario looks a little like Super Mario 3D World but it might actually be an entirely new game. Fingers and toes crossed.

Nintendo Switch games: Skyrim

Yes it looks like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be playable on the Nintendo Switch. Imagine how tough it's going to be to put down that controller now it can go anywhere with you? This game is dangerously addictive. Now might be a good time to warn your loved ones they might not be seeing you interact much, even when in the room with them.

Nintendo Switch games: Splatoon

Splatoon looks to be appearing on the new Switch console in a big way. One of the great things here, other than the portability, is the pro controllers that allow for multiplayer, anywhere you go. Let the inking commence.

Nintendo Switch games: NBA 2K17

Basketball games don't come much better than NBA 2K17 and somehow the magicians at Nintendo have made that portable. Go to an actual basketball court to play virtually with your mates? That's what Nintendo thinks we'll be doing according to the trailer. We're not so sure about that but playing is a certainty.

Nintendo Switch games: Mario Kart 8

The mighty Mario Kart, multiplayer anywhere you go? The Switch console is worth buying just for that alone, right? Bring on Mario Kart 8.

Thanks to those split controllers you should be able to play with your mates or play solo all with the same hardware you'll be taking with you out and about anyway. Ingenious stuff Ninty.