Nintendo Switch 2 release date could be later than we expected

Don’t expect a successor to the Nintendo Switch OLED anytime soon

Nintendo Switch OLED model
(Image credit: Nintendo)

It appears to be safe to buy the latest Zelda game, Tears of The Kingdom, without worrying about an upgraded Nintendo Switch console arriving before you have time to finish it. 

According to an interview with Bloomberg Nintendo President, Shuntaro Furukawa, mentioned that no new or upgraded hardware is considered in Nintendo’s forecasts for the next 12 months. 

This would seemingly rule out both a Nintendo Switch 2 and a mid-generation refresh Nintendo Switch Pro, which is a shame considering Nintendo's system has been lagging behind rivals in terms of raw performance for some time now. 

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The original Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 so it has had a good run, and Nintendo can claim it as a success, having sold 125 million units worldwide. However, sales are starting to dwindle, with profits reportedly more than halving, as everyone who wanted a Switch now seemingly has one. 

Considering the increasing ease of obtaining a PlayStation 5, and the arrival of the Steam Deck (and ROG Ally), Nintendo is facing increased competition with an inferior machine. In the last few years, Nintendo’s software releases have been key to maintaining the system’s popularity as it hasn’t received a hardware upgrade since the 2021-released Nintendo Switch OLED upgrade

Conversely, some are still confident that we could see an upgraded or even an entirely new model of the Nintendo Switch sooner rather than later. There is a sizeable gap in Nintendo’s launch schedule after Tears of the Kingdom, with Pikmin 4 one of the only major releases left in 2023. 

The UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority also seems to think a new Nintendo Switch is on the way. Whatever the case, and even with Zelda to tide us over, the wait is still going to be agony...

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