The Asus ROG Ally could be here sooner than we thought

Gaming on the go could see a massive boost in the near future

The Asus ROG Ally in white, shown front and back on a purple background
(Image credit: Asus)

The handheld gaming space seems to be having something of a revival right now. The popularity of the Steam Deck proved the market existed, and now others are looking to get in on the action.

Arguably the most exciting potential newcomer is the Asus ROG Ally. Originally themed as an April Fools Day joke, the ROG Ally is a real thing – and it could be here sooner than we thought.

That's according to tech tipster, SnoopyTech, who said as much in a recent tweet. Snoopy has a great track record for leaking upcoming tech products, giving the rumour added credence.

There is no confirmed date right now, but rumours had been circulating of a November release. Was this tweet designed to quash those claims? Maybe.

When the device was confirmed, popular tech YouTuber, Linus Tech Tips, got hands on with the device. Linus went through some details about the device and gave some insight into what users could expect.

He also might have given away just how imminent the product is, though. When discussing the potential cost of the device, Linus said, "we won't know the exact price of this device until it shows up on Best Buy shelves and around the world in the next few months."

And while it's possible that was just an off-the-cuff comment, coupled with the SnoopyTech tweet, I think it was more literal. If true, it could mean the handset launches at some point this summer.

I'm all for it. The Steam Deck makes a great first edition of this type of device, but it's certainly not flawless. Improvements made in the ROG Ally could push the market even further, offering more power and making for a better user experience.

Sam Cross
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