Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe glasses UK release date set

Sensory training finds a new leader in the attention and reaction improving Strobe specs

Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe glasses handed a December UK release date with a £189 price tag landing alongside performance enhancing features

Sporting giant Nike is to expand the possibilities of athlete achievement with the Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe eyewear, set to launch in the UK later this year as a sports-based sensory training aid.

Moving away from the days of simply running laps and lifting weights, Nike is looking to pioneer a new era of sensory training with the newly unveiled SPARQ specs to use strobing lenses in order to improve athletes' attention, reaction times, balance and responsive vision.

“Sensory training is at the cornerstone of how we can build better athletes,” said Paul Winsper, SPARQ Performance Director at Nike. “With SSP we're able to integrate both sensory and physical training together. This performance philosophy has resonated with some of the top athletes, teams and clubs throughout the world.”

Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyewear Features

Boasting a pair of curved plastic LCD lenses to allow for a wide field of view the Strobe's party piece comes when the liquid crystal tech is activated causing a stroboscopic effect to intermittently block the user's vision and thus enhance their abilities to react to surroundings and sporting challenges once the glasses are removed and full vision is restored.

With nine variable modes offering increasingly prolonged periods of strobing, the Vapor eyewear allows users to gradually improve their sensory performance through longer periods of sight depravation.

A 10-15 hour battery life is paired with an adjustable elasticised head strap that can be removed for washing with further features seeing users able to set a single eye to strobe independently, further enhancing that peepers' performance.

Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyewear Release Date and Price

Set to benefit athletes in most ball based sports a Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe eyewear release date has been pencilled in for December this year with the imminent arrival to see the glasses land with a £189 UK price tag.

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