Forget Presidents' Day Sale – I'm buying these new YETI colorways instead

The Agave and King Crab collections from YETI are as dazzling as they sound

YETI launches in two new colorways, Agave and King Crab
(Image credit: YETI)

There are still some Presidents' Day deals out there, although it's likely most people did all their shopping already. I hope there is still some money left in the bank accounts, folks, as YETI just announced its latest Spring Seasonal Colorway. This highly anticipated drop introduces two captivating new shades to the YETI cooler lineup: Agave and King Crab Orange.

Shop Agave and King Crab Yeti products in the UK

Shop Agave and King Crab Yeti products in the US

Shop Agave and King Crab Yeti products in the AU

The Agave colorway pays homage to the rich tradition of hand-harvesting mature agave plants in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico. Inspired by the artisans who craft Mezcal, Tequila, and Raicilla, this vibrant hue embodies the boldness and elegance of these beloved spirits. 

Coinciding with National Margarita Day on 2/22, the launch of the Agave colorway offers the perfect opportunity to raise a glass and celebrate in style with YETI's latest addition.

Meanwhile, the King Crab Orange colorway returns as a fan favorite, known for its striking resemblance to the bright spots in the rough waters of the Northern Pacific Coast. Drawing inspiration from the hardworking men and women who fish these icy waters and protect the Alaskan King Crab population, this limited-edition hue is sure to make a splash.

Below, you'll find a selection of the items I find the most appealing. Although to be honest, I love them all equally! For more info on YETI products, visit T3's best YETI coolers guide and T3's best YETI sales and deals roundup.

RAMBLER 30 OZ (887 ML) STRAW MUG in King Crab

RAMBLER 30 OZ (887 ML) STRAW MUG in King Crab
The Instagram potential is strong with this one! This oversized mug comes with a handy handle and is designed so it fits in most car cup holders (might be a bit too big for bicycle water bottle cages, though). The Rambler 30 oz is made with kitchen-grade stainless steel, so it's durable and looks extremely snazzy in King Crab.

RAMBLER 18 OZ (532 ML) BOTTLE in Agave

RAMBLER 18 OZ (532 ML) BOTTLE in Agave
Looking for something smaller? The 18 oz version of the Rambler is the perfect vessel for on-the-go hydration. This stainless-steel bottle is topped with a Chug Cap. Plus, the entire bottle is dishwasher safe, making clean-up jobs extra easy at base camp. Looks cool as a cucumber in Agave.


My favourite is this durable beverage bucket, big enough to hold a six-pack or three bottles of wine. Better still, it can keep beverages cold for almost all night long, thanks to the lid and double-walled construction. The perfect camping accessory for beach and boat parties!

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