Looks like the Nintendo NX really will have detachable controllers

Nintendo’s new console is going to be cost effective

Rumours of the Nintendo NX being a hybrid home and mobile console just got a little more probable with Nintendo filing a patent application claiming their next piece of hardware will feature detachable controllers.

Nintendo filed the application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and shows how an infrared controller attachment for the upcoming console. This heavily supports previous rumours that the NX will be a mobile console that will also connect to your TV and allow you to play games just like you would on a home console.

The attachment features face buttons you'd find on a traditional console controller — it's still unclear whether these are an extra component for when you're playing the console at home or if they're required all the time.

The patent also tells us that the controller attachment will connect via an infrared camera that will read the players button presses rather than something electrical. This could potentially save money manufacturing the console — the Big N has already stated they aren't going to be selling their hardware at a loss this time round, so perhaps they are looking at ways to cut costs in manufacturing the NX.

The newest console from Nintendo is meant to be announced later on this year before its release in March 2017. All previous rumours indicate Nintendo are ditching their home console and handheld devices for one unified piece of hardware.

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