New Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor has ultra-long battery life and improved sensors

Plus ergonomically placed LED indicators and new 'Stealth' colourway – in case you need to track your heart rate whilst camouflaged

New Wahoo Tickr Tickr X release date price
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Although the original Wahoo TICKR is still one of the best heart rate monitors on the market, Wahoo decided to update it nevertheless. Both the new TICKR and the new TICKR X models are more compact and have more features than their predecessors, offering plenty of features for runners, cyclists or anyone trying to monitor their tickers (pun intended) doing full body HIIT workouts.

Wahoo only recently announced the UK-availability of the Wahoo Bike Trainer and they also have a range of top-notch turbo trainers, like the Wahoo Kickr Snap Bike Trainer, probably the most accessible entry to the Wahoo ecosystem. That is if you don't take the Wahoo heart rate monitors into account, which you totally should, especially now that they have been updated. 

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As the Wahoo press states: "a new, slimmer shape and integrated strap design make the latest TICKR and TICKR X the lightest heart rate monitors available at only 48g (pod and strap together). Both TICKR and TICKR X can now simultaneously pair up to three Bluetooth devices, in addition to ANT+ connections."

That is not too shabby, especially considering that even the best running watches on the market are heavier than this (case only) and probably aren't as precise when it comes to heart rate readings as the new Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitors. The dual connectivity is also a nice touch, not to mention the extra long battery life: by increasing the battery life by nearly 50%, both the TICKR and TICKR X now allow up to 500 hours of use on a single battery. And that is a lot of exercising.

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New Wahoo Tickr Tickr X release date price

Great for runners and cyclists alike

(Image credit: Wahoo)

Why should you buy the new Wahoo Tickr and Tickr X 2020 heart rate monitors

As well as all the details we mentioned above, the updated TICKR X also offers the ability to transmit indoor cycling cadence to the Wahoo Fitness app. Better still, the TICKR X can now also transmit enhanced running dynamics to compatible smartwatches via ANT+, giving runners real-time access to their cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time.

The TICKR X goes further still: runners can utilise a proprietary Running Smoothness score through the Wahoo Fitness app, "helping to improve their efficiency and form." TICKR X can also store up to 50 hours of workout data, which will sync to your smartphone via the Wahoo Fitness app. After initiating the exercise in the Wahoo app, you can just leave the phone behind and go for a monster 3-hour ride on your road bike.

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The Wahoo TICKR, will now be offered in a new Stealth colorway, complementing the original white and blue colour scheme. The new TICKR Stealth variant is also available as a part of ELEMNT ROAM and ELEMNT BOLT Stealth Edition Bundles.

The new TICKR (£39.99) and TICKR X (£64.99) is available at Wahoo's website. Updated ELEMNT ROAM (RRP £359.99) Bundles will go on sale from the 8th May, and ELEMNT BOLT Stealth Edition (RRP £244.99) Bundles will be available from 15th May.

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