Peloton and Wattbike get new indoor training rival... but you will NOT believe the price of the Wahoo Kickr Bike

All the smart features and premium quality that (quite a lot of) money can buy

Wahoo Kickr Bike
(Image credit: Wahoo Fitness)

Wahoo needs no introduction for lovers of indoor cycling training, Wahoo turbo trainers being one of the best products on the market. So good in fact that the Wahoo Kickr Snap Bike Trainer even made it to our best home gym equipment list. With the Kickr Bike, Wahoo went a step further by creating a smart indoor exercise bike, much like the excellent Wattbike Atom (and definitely smarter than the Peloton bikes, which are more spin bikes than smart trainers), to all who might be interested in such activity. 

Just today, Wahoo has announced that the KICKR BIKE Indoor Smart Bike and Trainer is now available for pre-order in the UK. Having previously been limited to US customers only, UK riders can order the KICKR BIKE at the company's website for £2,999.99, with delivery expected from next week onwards. What better news in these troublesome times!

Given the larger-than-life price tag, the Wahoo Kickr Bike will mostly appeal to serious cyclists who want a no-compromise smart trainer in their homes. As Wahoo puts it, the Kickr Bike "combines the KICKR trainer’s ride feel with upgraded innovations like integrated grade simulation, both uphill and down. Front and rear braking allow riders to control their speed just as they would out on the road." 

The Wahoo Kickr Bike is all about customisation in-order to recreate a near-perfect simulation of outdoor cycling. In Wahoo's words: "the KICKR BIKE’s proprietary “gear shifters” are easily set up to replicate seven different custom gear shifting configurations from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo."

Additionally, you can customise your front chainrings and rear cog selection to match the bike shifting platforms of your outdoor bikes. Better still, there is an algorithm in place "that provide a genuine shifting feel." Cycling indoors doesn't get more real than this!

Wahoo Kickr Bike

(Image credit: Wahoo Fitness)

According to Wahoo, "out-of-the-box assembly is simple and integrated into the Wahoo App. Step-by-step instructions, images, and video guide users through a set-up that typically takes less than ten minutes." I would think it might take a bit longer than that, especially if you want to adjust the bike to every minute detail (which you most likely will).

Within the Wahoo App, you can enter their own body measurements, or import measurements from professional fit systems like RETUL and GURU to adjust the KICKR BIKE’s five contact points to generate a close fit. Being a smart trainer and all, the Wahoo Kickr Bike is also compatible with third party apps like Zwift and The Sufferfest.

The Wahoo KICKR BIKE retails for £2,999.99. Available to pre-order now at Wahoo with delivery expected from next week onwards.

Matt Kollat
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