MyZone just launched the smartest bra and t-shirt ever AND improved its app

Exciting things from Wearable Tech Show part 1

To London, for the Wearable Technology Show. It's the CES of wearables, except considerably smaller, and in Docklands rather than Las Vegas. Leading fitness-tracking hardware and app brand Myzone pretty much stole the show with a bra and a tarted-up app. Go figure.

Thetried-and-tested Myzone heart-rate strap now comes in the more universally appealing form of a (washable) compression top and bra with conductive fabric over your heart area (or 'between your tits', if you're a layman). Just clip on the (non-washable) Myzone sensor, and off you go.

The cardio data from the sensor is processed by the Myzone app, allowing you to see what heart-rate zones you're working in, when working out. There's also a social eco-system that lets athletes of all levels compete against each other, from "semi-pro" to "T3's Spencer Hart" levels of fitness, seeing progress on a motivational scoreboard online and in Myzone-friendly gyms around the world.

That's because the app monitors effort as a percentage of potential, so an elite athlete might need to, let's say, run 10k in 30 minutes to achieve the same Myzone score as Spencer doing one press-up (these are approximate figures).

The myzone app has been considerably tarted up, and now boasts a much less clonky UI, in-app music streaming (via Apple or Spotify), chat and sharing of pictures of your healthy lunch.

The bra and compression top are made by Sensoria of smart socks fame. It too was at the Wearable Tech Show, showing off an upgrade: the sensor that pairs with its smart socks to track your running cadence and balance is now about the size of a button, as opposed to the enormous first model, which made it look like you were on day release.

Duncan Bell
Duncan Bell

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