Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks like a relic compared to the LG Slide

LG is lining up futuristic devices under its Explorer Project that makes foldables look outdated

LG Slide
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LG is up to something, and that something looks like the launch of a new line of smartphones that are skipping over foldables and going straight to a new kind of technology with rollable displays; but it's not quite made its mind up on the name just yet, with the LG Slide being a new contender. 

The futuristic idea doesn't look as radical as you might initially think, presenting itself as the usual candy bar rectangle at first glance. But the panel extends when the frame is pulled outward, doubling the screen size without dealing with the rigmarole of hinges or a crease – something Samsung struggled with in the first Galaxy Fold.   

With that being said, the LG Slide moniker might be more suited to the form factor, and how it works by sliding the frame outwards to extend the display. While the smartphone looks set to utilise a rolllable screen, the LG Rollable name conjures up something more extreme than the the one we've seen in the patents. 

LetsGoDigital spotted the LG Slide trademark which was filed just this week, and it also makes reference to a device that's compatible with a touch screen pen, just like the LG Rollable trademark.

It seems that rather than having both a sliding and rollable device in the works under its LG Explorer Project (which kicked off with the LG Wing), the trademarks are both options for the same handset, and LG is still deciding on which to use when the phone finally launches.

As it stands, a March 2021 launch is expected, which is usually the window reserve by Samsung for its Galaxy S series, but the Galaxy S21 is set to release in January next year, so LG may not have as much competition to deal with as it may have thought. 

The LG Wing is a wholly unique design in a world where smartphone manufacturers are all churning out foldables now, and the LG Slide looks set to buck the trend even more – and we can't wait. Now we just need the lowdown on specs!   

Source: LetsGoDigital

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