Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a problem and it's called LG Rollable (aka Project B)

A phone that folds? How 2018. Now we're all about phones that ROLL like a fine Persian rug, thanks to LG Rollable

LG Rollable Project B rollable smartphone
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The likes of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 are all very well, but why buy a folding phone when you can potentially roll your phone, like a fine Cuban cigar or Persian rug, or affordable cigarette? LG Rollable phone – also known as LG Project B – is supposedly Korea's second biggest phone brand's attempt to usher in a new age of smartphones with rollable displays. 

Now, the bad news for people who like to roll things into cylinders is that LG Rollable is actually just a normal-shaped smartphone that has additional screen area that 'rolls' out to create a larger, tablet-style device. The good news for people who like that kind of rolling is that LG Rollable is looking more real by the second. The latest news is that LG has registered a trademark in Europe for that very monicker: 'LG Rollable'.

It seems the LG Rollable isn't just coming for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 either: it has the Galaxy Note 20 series trained in its (rolled-up) sights as well, with talk of an "electronic touch screen pen for smartphones."

It's worth noting that this is not LG's first foray into tech that rolls up. It already made waves – almost literally – with its expensive but oh-so-desirable LG Rollable TV.

LG's rollable devices fall under the umbrella of its Explorer Project which saw the LG Wing swivel phone release as the first smartphone from this line. Project B, which we saw renders of earlier this week, could very well be the second handset, as well as taking up the mantle of being the first rollable smartphone to hit the market.

LetsGoDigital reports that LG filed the trademark this week with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

LG isn't messing about with the name either; it's setting itself apart from the likes of the Motorola Razr, and Huawei Mate X, and taking Samsung's lead by stating the gimmick in the name.

Samsung is making moves to make the foldable Z series its new flagship if reports are to be believed, pivoting away from a premium offering for its Galaxy S21 which is set to launch early, in January

LG's rollable is expected to join the fray in March – the usual window reserved by Samsung for its S series – so it'll be interesting to see how consumers respond to an entirely new concept for their smartphones. 

Thanks to the innovative design, the rollable LG should avoid the pitfalls that Samsung fell into with the original Galaxy Fold, and with no actual crease in the display, the panel won't be under as much stress – and there won't be a hinge to worry about either.

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Source: LetsGoDigital

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