The ultimate PS5 TV is LG's rollable OLED TV… but you won't like the price

LG Signature Series OLED RX TV is awesome

LG Signature Series OLED R
(Image credit: LG)

Whether you think a rollable TV is the coolest thing in the world or a solution to a problem no-one ever really had, the world-first LG Signature OLED RX 65-inch TV has finally crossed over from tech demo status and into reality as a purchasable product. 

Well, it's only launching in South Korea so far, but the beautiful future toy has been priced at 100 million won, which is roughly $87,000 or £63,000. So, not exactly going on the list of Black Friday deals, then.

The LG Signature OLED R was one of the brightest screen stars at CES 2019 with T3 calling it the "epitome of wow" after seeing it in action but it's taken its time to arrive. Using a flexible OLED panel, the Signature RX (which is the version finally launching) will happily unroll or retract at the touch of a button, meaning you never have an unsightly empty black screen in the corner when you aren't using it. 

You can even show just the top quarter to play music or have a clock and weather view. Even just so you can say you spent £67,000 on a 65-inch glorified clock radio. 

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Other than the innovative automation and happily folding into a box, the Signature RX is business as usual when it comes to being an excellent LG OLED TV. LG's Gen 3 AI Processor is on image duties and the ThinQ system means you can use your voice to do all the essential bits. Both Google and Amazon's Alexa are integrated too so you'll never have to lift the remote.  

And of course, given that LG is at the top of our best gaming TV list, the Signature R has HDMI 2.1 functionality and full support for next gen must haves VRR and ALLM. LG is promising 4K at 120Hz and comes with eARC compatibility for even better audio options. 

So, if your PS5 pre-order or Xbox Series X pre-order is in and you're up for dropping the price of a Tesla Model X on your TV, the Signature RX is ready for you. Although, for now, we just recommend the LG OLED CX range

The Signature RX series also sports both Dolby Atmos for all your surround sound needs and Dolby Vision IQ so you can make the most of all that Ultra HD Netflix streaming content. There's also Filmmaker Mode so you can see your movies exactly the way the director intended before pressing a button and making your screen disappear for the night. 

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