Le Creuset launches Azure collection & we’re obsessed with the new colour

The new Azure collection from Le Creuset is a Mediterranean-lovers dream

Le Creuset Azure collection launch
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

The start of 2023 has seen many exciting product releases, from smartphones to smart speakers. But a more recent launch that will appeal to passionate home cooks and bakers is the new Azure collection from Le Creuset, a bold blue range of cookware, stoneware and accessories, inspired by the Mediterranean sea.

Le Creuset is well known for its attractive and practical range of enamelled cast iron products, including Dutch ovens, casseroles and roasting pans. With over 95 years of experience, the brand knows how to appeal to a wide audience, with its stunning collections of classic cookware and themed collaborations like the Le Creuset X Harry Potter, aimed to make cooking more exciting for the younger generation.

The newest launch from Le Creuset is the Azure collection, the latest colour offering from the brand. We all know the classic volcanic colour from Le Creuset, but the Azure collection takes a slightly calmer approach with brilliant blue hues and tones.

Le Creuset Azure collection

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

According to Le Creuset, the Azure blue shade is actually brighter and clearer than its other blue colours. It also has a prominent gradient for a more modern look that can fight for attention amongst bolder colours but can also sit in the background to allow lighter shades to shine.

The Azure collection perfectly resembles the Mediterranean aesthetic, an interior design trend that incorporates natural finishes, coastal influences and the climate and culture of the Mediterranean region. A beautiful mix of French design and Mediterranean themes, this vibrant colourway is designed to captivate the senses, evoke feelings of blue skies and add a pop of colour to your space.

In the new Azure collection, you can find classic Le Creuset products reimagined in the new colour which can stand out on their own or blend in nicely with your existing Le Creuset dishes. For example, the iconic Cast Iron Round Casserole looks beautiful in the new Azure colour and is available in multiple sizes, starting from £195 and going up to £345.

Other products include the signature casseroles, soup pots, roasters and skillets, plus accessories like salt pigs, pepper mills, ramekins, mugs, butter dishes, dinner plates and oven-to-table trivets. Accessories start from as little as £14 and are a great way to start your Le Creuset collection if you’re on a tight budget.

Speaking of pricing, the Azure colourway is available for the same price as Le Creuset’s other iconic colours. Similar to its existing collections, shoppers can also get 4 for 3 on the Stoneware Dinner Plates at Le Creuset in the new Azure colour. For now, the Azure collection is only available on the Le Creuset website.

If you’re new to Le Creuset, check out our guide to are Le Creuset pots worth it? and for cheap prices all year round, take a look at the best Le Creuset deals.

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