Le Creuset x Harry Potter features Quidditch casserole and Deathly Hallows spoon rest – but of course

Le Creuset follows Star Wars collection with Harry Potter cookware sure to be a Christmas smash

Hary Potter x Le Creuset
(Image credit: Hary Potter x Le Creuset)

On the face of it a Le Creuset x Harry Potter collection might seem a little odd. Le Creuset used to be sold exclusively old, moderately rich people. Nowadays it's a TikTok and Insta sensation, and popular with millennials. However, the popular theory around that is that today's modern young folk love Le Creuset because it makes them feel grown up – that they are 'adulting' as some people insist on putting it. So why make a cookware collection that reminds them of being kids? The, of course, you remember that Le Creuset had an absolute smash hit success with Le Creuset x Star Wars a couple of years ago, and it all makes sense. 

• The Le Creuset x Harry Potter collection is available to pre-order now – go check it out!

The Star Wars collection was absolutely off the hook, with a roaster featuring Han Solo in carbonite as its lid, mini casserole dishes modelled after the most popular droids from the Star Wars films and, of course, a 'Tattooine Dutch Oven'. The Harry Potter collection seems a little more reserved, tasteful and – to be fair – boring than the 'Wars one but there are some gems in there. The Wizarding franchise has always had very high quality merch and Le Creuset's array of Voldemort and Potter-themed casserole dishes, spatulas and accessories is certainly no exception to that.

You won't be seeing these in the Black Friday sales, but they are on sale 'in November' – so probably within 1-2 weeks.

The Le Creuset x Harry Potter collection

This suitably eccentric set of Le Creuset goodies naturally includes casseroles – aka Dutch ovens in the States. There's one with Harry Potter's face on the lid, naturally, and a quidditch-themed one. The steam-punk Hogwarts Express Kettle and a pot holder adorned with the crests of the Hogwarts houses are also delights.

Things then get considerably whackier with a set of spatulas shaped like wands – but wands with spatula heads on them – a 'magical mug set' which lives up to its name by being a set of 4 drinking vessels that costs 90 quid and. 

Perhaps best of all, there's the Deathly Hallows Spoon Rest. It may not help you become the Master of Death, but it will save your table or worktop from being stained by your used cooking spoons – or, indeed, your used magical spatulas.  

Le Creuset x Harry Potter

(Image credit: Le Creuset x Harry Potter)

The most charming and most affordable item Le Creuset has conjured up for this is the Hedwig Pie Bird. This, clearly, is a pie bird shaped like Hedwig the magic owl. What's a pie bird, you ask? It's hollow and sits in pies when you're baking them to let out steam, so your pie is crisp and delicious rather than soggy-bottomed and gross. If you make a lot of pies and you love Harry Potter and/or owls, you will absolutely cherish the Hedwig Pie Bird.

Le Creuset x Harry Potter

(Image credit: Le Creuset x Harry Potter)

Shop the collection (UK)

Harry Potter Signature Round Casserole £365.00

Quidditch Signature Round Casserole £275.00

Hogwarts Express Kettle £109.00

Spellcasting Spatula Set £69.00

Hogwarts Houses Potholder £45.00

Deathly Hallows Spoon Rest £32.00

Magical Mug Set £90.00

Hedwig Pie Bird £22.00

Le Creuset cookware price comparisons (non-magical department)

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