Is this the first image of a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in the wild?

The upcoming foldable phone appears to have been photographed for the first time

An image appearing to show the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 on a wooden table
(Image credit: Tech_Reve)

Samsung has long been a popular force in the world of foldable phones. They were among the first to bring a folding device to market, and have consistently made upgrades and improvements since then.

The next generation of these devices is due to launch in around a month – and we may have just got a first glimpse of one of the devices. Well, okay, not the first first glimpse. We saw leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 earlier this month. But this is the first time one appears to have been spotted in the wild.

The image was provided on Twitter by noted tech leaker, Tech_Reve. It shows what appears to be the Z Flip 5 – complete with its unique cover display design – in a case on a wooden table. 

There isn't too much we can gleam from the image in terms of specs or features. The file-shaped cover display is shown off, along with the dual rear camera setup. However, we've already heard a fair amount about the device thanks to a series of leaks and rumours.

We know it's likely to pack a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. That should provide a meaningful power and efficiency upgrade over the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. There has also been a lot of discourse about how useful the cover display will be. 

Rumours have leaked about a suite of Google apps being optimised for the device. And, in those leaked press renders, we saw the screen used for controlling music playback.

We've also seen leaked benchmarks. Those show off a significant performance improvement. In fact, the Z Flip 5 even outstripped its big brother – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Of course, that doesn't confirm that the new device will definitely be that powerful, but it's a promising sign.

We wont have to wait long for a proper look, either. With the next Samsung event scheduled to take place at the end of July, we're only a few weeks away from the grand unveiling. Expect to see more leaks and rumours in the run-up, too.

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