iPhone 12 video shows new iPhone like never before

A new iPhone 12 video has arrived showing a series of stunning concept designs that have blown us away

iPhone 12
(Image credit: ConcepsiPhone)

The Apple iPhone 12 is incoming, and soon. Now slated to arrive in a staggered released schedule from mid-October, and in a variety of models, including a cheaper, 4G-only variant, the new iPhone looks set to be one of the most popular phones of the year.

Well, now, thanks to a brand new iPhone 12 video, which shows off the new iPhone range in a variety of designs, we've just got our clearest look yet at just how special Apple's incoming new handset could be.

The video here comes courtesy of YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone and shows a series of iPhone 12 concept designs. Some of these are based on leaks and rumours about the new iPhone, while others are more futuristic imaginings of what a new iPhone could look like, and the features it could boast. These designs have us totally hyped for the new iPhone like never before.

So, while the official iPhone 12 remains shrouded in secrecy right now, many of the designs shown here are scarily accurate to what leaked dummy models of the iPhone 12 range look like, and so much has now been leaked about the new iPhone that its design is considered well-established by many.

Indeed, we've even now got confirmation of what certain special editions of the iPhone 12 will look like, such as this crazy-expensive iPhone 12 Pro SpaceX Edition.

As to what the iPhone 12 is set to come with in terms of hardware, the predicted big upgrade driver this year is the adoption of 5G in most of the range, although the handset is also set to come with a super-powerful new processor and a raft of advanced new software features.

Here at T3 we're desperate to get our hands on the iPhone 12 and, naturally, will be reviewing the family of phones are soon as we can. Check back in soon for an even clearer iPhone 12 picture.

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