iOS 18’s Home Hub controls add the Apple TV upgrade I've wanted for years

iOS 18 finally lets Apple Home users choose their preferred Home Hub

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Apple Home users have now got the option to choose a ‘Preferred Home Hub’ in iOS 18 beta.

Rather than Apple’s automatic selection, users can choose a specific hub as their main option for better stability and control over their smart home devices and automations.

Apple Home users, specifically those who have a HomePod or Apple TV, now have the option to choose a ‘Preferred Home Hub’, thanks to a new iOS 18 update. As spotted by Reddit users in iOS 18 beta, there’s a new menu that lets users choose which device they want to connect to their HomeKit.

Apple’s WWDC event took place on 10th June 2024, and while it was a little quiet on the smart home front, it did announce a few exciting iOS 18 updates, like app locking via Face ID, advanced Siri features and guest access to the Home app. Speaking of Apple Home, users will be happy to learn that iOS 18 now lets you choose your ‘Preferred Home Hub’, something that Apple TV and HomePod owners have been asking about for a while.

Apple TV and HomePod users have the option to set up these devices as a Home Hub, for better control over their HomeKit and Matter-supported accessories. Previously, there wasn’t an option for users to choose a specific hub as their main outlet, as Apple would automatically select one for you.

But as discovered in the iOS 18 beta by HomeKit Reddit users, you can turn off the Automatic Selection and choose your own ‘Preferred Home Hub’. While this might sound like a small update, this fixes many problems and concerns that HomePod and Apple TV users have had for years.

Preferred Home Hub in iOS 18

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The main issue that Apple smart home owners had was that the automatic selection would often choose older devices with slower internet connections, meaning automations and other features weren’t as quick or responsive. Additionally, many people would rather use their wired Apple TV than a Wi-Fi connected HomePod smart speaker for better stability and reliability.

Having the option to choose your own Home Hub is something that will appeal to many Apple Home users, particularly for those who have multiple devices and set-ups. To get this new ‘Preferred Home Hub’ feature, your devices must be running the iOS 18 and tvOS 18 beta versions. A public beta is expected to be released in the next month, and an official launch for the new Home Hub update is set for later in the year.

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