Holo is a gesture-controlled hologram player

Swipe and pinch just like on a touchscreen

If you're looking for an innovative and very cool way to showcase something, we've got just the thing for you. It's called Holo, and it's the world's most advanced hologram player that you control with gestures.

That's right, just like your average touchscreen, you can pinch and swipe to control it. Instead of something happening on screen, the hologram reacts to your movements.

So far, so Tony Stark.

As you can see from the video below, you can swipe to rotate a heart made of roses, then pinch to break it apart.

Holo from Beagle Media on Vimeo.

Holo is designed by luxury furniture maker Conran, which explains its minimalist styling. The pared-down design is functional as well as looking very nice – it means the hologram is the focal point. Which is good news for whatever you want to showcase.

Your object appears in the middle of a clear diamond, ready for you to control by waving your hands. You can choose controls from a menu that includes spin, enlarge, and adapt details like product configurations and floor plans.

The controls are bespoke – get in touch with the people behind it if you'd like to make your own.

Each Holo is handmade in the UK using the finest quality materials including wafer-thin German-engineered glass, brushed aluminium, and chrome bars.

As well as showing off products, Holo can create life-like 3D models of people. So you could have Steve Jobs deliver a keynote, say.

It's more of a tool for business, marketing and professional folk than a consumer product. But it is very cool indeed and if your pockets are deep enough, you can have one of your very own.

For more info, check out the website.