Nike and Adidas rival Hoka One One to SHAKE UP running shoes market with its new Clifton Edge model

Plus win a FREE pair of the new Hoka Clifton Edge running shoe with Hoka's competition on Strava

Hoka Clifton Edge release date price
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Hoka One One has never shied away from creating the best running shoes with the thickest midsoles imaginable and in all fairness, it worked before, so much so that its Carbon X road running shoes won the 'best running shoes' at the T3 Awards 2020. With its latest offering, the new Hoka Clifton Edge, the brand pushed heel extension to a new level. Should Nike and Adidas be worried?

The Clifton Edge features a unique extended heel geometry designed to provide a "smooth impact for a gliding sensation while moving", as the manufacturer claims. The Clifton Edge's a new midsole foam is softer and lighter than Hoka's previous midsoles: according to the press briefing, the weight of these shoes will be around 250 grams which is way lighter than what you'd expect by looking at the pictures.

See the Hoka Clifton Edge in action

Hoka Clifton Edge: release date and price

The Hoka Clifton Edge went on pre-sale 05 June 2020 and will be available online and through selected retailers from 1 July 2020 for a retail price of £140/€160. For more information, please visit Hoka's webite today.

Hoka Clifton Edge release date price

Hoka Clifton Edge is recommended for runners at all skill levels

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Hoka Clifton Edge: new features

As a new extension of the Clifton franchise, the Clifton Edge is designed to make running shoes more accessible and enjoyable to a broader audience of runners. Knowing this, we can safely assume that the Clifton Edge won't be the most optimised and fastest running shoe on the market and will compete with similar high-cushioned, comfortable running shoes such as the ASICS Novablast or the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit.

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To celebrate the launch of the Clifton Edge, HOKA also announced the HOKA Ekiden Strava Challenge to "promote global movement and the spirit of joining together", as the company stated in the press release. Starting 29 June and running for four weeks, participants will be encouraged to run at least 5K per week for the duration of the challenge, and can participate as individuals or on a virtual team of four. Those who complete the challenge will be entered to win a pair of the Clifton Edge.

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