Join the Halo 5 hackathon and fill your Spartan boots with goodies

Get your hands on a replica Spartan helmet and more

Halo 5 developer 343 Industries wants your collective hacking and coding skills. No, it hasn't lost the plot and decided to damage its own property, rather it's opened up a treasure trove of new API data for its web users to create stat sites with even more live information.

The new initiative, the Halo 5 API Hackathon Contest, has opened up some of the deepest Halo 5 multiplayer stats ever, including the gamertag of a killing player, the weapon used, the match time and the location of the kill on a given map. It's the deepest data access yet and 343 wants to see what its API (application program interface) community can do with it.

The dev wants to see brand new web apps and sites that use this data in those most creative and user friendly experience, and the best ones could bag themselves some seriously cool Halo 5-related prizes including an Anubis replica helmet, 1:1 scale replica Needler weapon and 47 Gold Req packs (which are essentially digital cards that can spent on in-game items).

Three winners will be chosen to receive these cool prizes with 343 judging the final web sites on polish, functionality and originality. So if the idea of taking a ton of API data and turning it into the Halo 5 stat site of your dreams floats your boat get involved. Submissions will need to be in by 16 May.

Via: Halo Waypoint

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