Amazon Prime Day mattress deal: grab a hot deal on the cooling Simba Hybrid Essential

This Prime Day bargain drops Simba's cooling hybrid mattress to HALF PRICE

Simba Hybrid Essential
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Update: You've missed this offer, but there's still a very respectable 30% off Simba Hybrid mattresses at Amazon for Prime members.

There's a scorcher of an offer on Simba mattresses for this year's Amazon Prime Day. The Simba Hybrid Essential has up to 49% off, with a double now just £285 instead of £555, and a King size £337 down from £665. That's a HUGE price drop.

The Simba Hybrid Essential is the pared-back, cheaper version of the Simba Hybrid mattress (number 5 in our best mattress ranking), but uses the same high-spec materials. This mattress combines layers of Aerocoil springs and memory foam, and a particular focus is placed on making sure it doesn't trap heat, so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable night's sleep.

Simba Hybrid Original mattress | Now £285 | Was £555 | Save £270

Simba Hybrid Original mattress | Now £285 | Was £555 | Save £270
Almost half price!
Save even more on Simba's great value Hybrid Essential this Prime Day. The mattress includes 1,500 Aerocoil springs to relieve pressure, and specially designed cooling foam to provide support. There's a 200 night free trial you can use to make sure you love it. 

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You need to be an Amazon Prime member to claim. If you're not a member, you can sign up for a free trial to take advantage of all the Prime Day deals (and you can always cancel afterwards if it doesn't suit you).

An issue with memory foam is that it can trap heat, so Simba has channelled its expertise into creating a mattress that's impressively breathable and cooling. The super-light Aerocoil springs act like bellows, to push warm air out, and the layered design promotes active cooling. There's a 10 year guarantee and 200 day trial, to remove any risk.

Simba Hybrid Essential

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