Google’s 4K Chromecast Ultra and voice-controlled Home to land next month, here’s what to expect

Control your smarthome with voice-activated virtual assistant? Affirmative

The mighty Google is all set to kick-off a launch event early next month and the rumour mill is at full speed churning out expectations. The latest leak suggests the already announced Google Home will launch alongside a new 4K Chromecast Ultra at the event on 4 October.

According to sources of Android Police we can expect the Google Home and the 4K Chromecast Ultra to not only launch but go on sale after the event.

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Pricing is expected to be $129 for the Google Home and $69 for the Google Chromecast Ultra. That's a Home that undercuts the similar Amazon Echo by $40 and a Chromecast that doubles the price of the current model.

So what can we expect from the latest Google hardware?

Google Home

Google Home has already been teased by the company, at its I/O event in May, as its answer to the Amazon Echo. This is a speaker with a sensitive microphone array that allows users to simply say it's name to carry out a search or control smart home gadgets, hands-free from anywhere in the room.

This uses Amazon's Alexa smart assistant but Google will likely be using its impressive Google Now voice search smarts to power its Home device's assistant features.

While the Home should work as a speaker system it should also be a gateway to other smart connected devices. So while cooking with grubby hands you should be able to ask a weight conversion without poking food all over your phone. But it should also help with the cooking too. Yup, with smart connected ovens the Home could potentially even get that primed and ready for you as you prepare food.

Beyond the kitchen imagine using IFTTT (If This Then That) with voice commands. You could tell the Home to get ready for bed and have a series of actions carried out. So the smart lighting in your home could turn off, all smart connected music players could shut down and even smart locks could bolt up for the night. Flip that in the morning and even have the smart coffee maker kick-in ready for when you reach the kitchen.

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K

It looks like the new 4K streamer from Google is going to be called the Chromecast Ultra, according to Android Police's sources. The same sources also revealed that price of $69 which is double that of the current model.

While a jump to 4K streaming might not seem enough to justify that price the sources also indicate it should support HDR play too. This is great news for owners of 4K and HDR capable TVs who want to enjoy YouTube in 4K.

Of course most of those TVs likely already have apps for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that support 4K and HDR natively. Perhaps Google has something else in store to make that higher price tag even more appealing?

Expect to find out more at the Google event due to take place on 4 October.