Google Pixel Tablet Dock leaks on US Amazon site – including price

We now know just how much Google's home integrated tablet will cost

Google Pixel Tablet
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel Tablet is widely expected to launch at the Google I/O event taking place on the 10th of May. The device marks a return to the tablet segment for Google, some four years after it discontinued the previous Pixel Slate.

Keen to ensure the Pixel Tablet is more useful in the home, Google have designed a magnetic stand, effectively turning the tablet into a home hub. According to Google's research, tablets remain unused around 80% of the time, and this is seen as a solution to that.

Now, thanks to a leak on the US Amazon website – which has since been removed, but is visible on 9to5Google – we know the price which the Dock will command. The listing for a Hazel coloured dock was $129.99, which translates directly to around £105, or AU$195.

That's quite pricey. The 2nd Gen Google Nest Hub retails for £89.99 and includes a 7-inch touchscreen and the dock/speaker. Okay, that one isn't detachable, but at a good chunk of change less than the dock alone, will users care?

It's plausible that a lot of people would opt for the Nest Hub to take care of their smart home needs and continue to use a tablet as normal – particularly if they save money in the process.

For that sort of money, I'd hope that the Standalone Dock can be used like a smart speaker, too. Having the ability to cast audio to it – like you would with a Nest Mini or an Amazon Echo – would at least offer some additional functionality that could be useful.

I'm also hoping for a bundle deal at launch. Google is pretty good with offering pre-order freebies and snagging a free dock with the purchase of a Pixel Tablet seems like a no-brainer.

With less than three weeks to go before the event, expect to see more leaks and information in the run up. 

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