Gillette Football Club YouTube channel launches

YouTube access to HD football content, but Premier League is a notable absentee

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Gillette Football Club

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Gillette Football Club

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Gillette Football Club

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Gillette Football Club

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Gillette Football Club

Gillette and Google launches a dedicated football channel on YouTube which will bring HD highlights and news from around the European leagues. Just not the Premier League...

Razor-makers Gillette has officially announced that it has joined forces with Google to launch a premium football YouTube channel that will be free to users.

Hoping to 're-invent the experience of football online' the partnership will enable fans of the beautiful game to catch up on the action from the major European leagues which include La Liga in Spain and

the Serie A in Italy with access to HD quality highlights, behind the scenes footage as well as specific club content from the likes of Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. All of the content which will be curated by team of experts including sports journalists, can be tailored to each individual user depending on the club and league preferences they select.

To add another dimension to your football consumption, stats specialists Squawka along with Opta will provide interactive stats for players and teams around Europe analysing over 2,500,000 on-ball actions to give you a performance score that accurately represents how well Van Persie or AC Milan have done over the 90 minutes. A Gillette Team of the Week will also pick statistically the strongest eleven performers each week from across the major European leagues.

While the Google Football Club YouTube channel will mainly focus on providing highlights and news, Stephen Nuttall Senior Director, Sports for YouTube Europe, Middle East and Africa revealed that the video sharing website is considering the idea of bringing live matches to the channel.

The disappointing but not surprising news is that Google and Gillette have been unable to get the Premier League on board for its premium channel offering, which means you will have to get your highlights from the English top flight elsewhere.

Gillette Football Club which is currently in beta, is available now in 35 countries across Europe and for each person who registers, Gillette will donate one dollar to football charity streetfootballworld. You can check out the Gillette Football Club YouTube channel here.