Spin control: Garmin releases Edge 1050 head unit with ultra-bright display

Garmin throws everything but the kitchen sink at its new cycling computer

Garmin unveils its brightest and smartest cycling computer ever: the Edge 1050
(Image credit: Garmin)

In a pedal-powered parade of innovation, Garmin has just unleashed its latest marvel for the cycling community, the Edge 1050 head unit.

Promising to be brighter, smarter, and more connected than ever, the new cycling computer isn't just a tool but a ride-along companion that aims to revolutionise the way cyclists interact and perform.

The Edge 1050 flaunts a sleek new design with all-metal buttons and a crisp 3.5” display that’s sharper than your favourite cycling critique.

Garmin Pay ensures you can refuel mid-ride without fumbling for cash, while the built-in speaker lets you alert others with a friendly ding-dong—because why shout when your bike can do it for you?

This high-tech wizardry combines top-tier navigation, performance tracking, and smart connectivity, all while keeping the battery going strong for up to 20 hours in the heat of the action—or up to 60 hours if you’re in energy-saving mode, which is more than enough for those Sunday long rides around the countryside. 

But wait, there’s more! Garmin isn’t just about personal records and scenic routes; they’ve added community-focused features to bring cyclists together like a peloton on a mission.

With GroupRide enhancements, riders can now stay connected mid-ride with messages, live locations, and incident alerts. Imagine receiving an alert that someone in your group is in dire need of caffeine—stat!

Plus, in-ride leaderboards add a dash of competition to your journey, rewarding feats like hitting max speed or being the most vocal on the GroupRide chat.

Road hazards? Garmin’s got you covered there, too. Cyclists can now receive on-screen alerts about potholes and fallen trees reported by their fellow riders.

The Edge 1050 is loaded with advanced training features, including adaptive training plans that adjust based on your performance. Real-time insights like VO2 max and power targets keep you pushing those pedals effectively.

And for those who crave the indoor intensity of a spin class, the Edge 1050 pairs seamlessly with Tacx smart trainers, making every season cycling season.

Available now at Garmin UK, Garmin US and Garmin AU for a suggested retail price of £649.99/ $699.99/ AU$1,199, the Garmin Edge 1050 is not just a cycling computer—it’s a cycling community, a coach, and a cheerleader all rolled into one.

Matt Kollat
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