Sony PS5 early access through GameStop membership

GameStop's annual membership is offering exclusive access to Sony PS5 restocks

GameStop Power Up Pro
(Image credit: GameStop)

If you're among the thousands still trying to buy a Sony PlayStation 5 there's good news. GameStop is offering early access to its now frequent restocks with its Power Up Pro membership. 

The digital version costs just $14.99 per year and includes a range of benefits, from extra points on anything you buy to monthly reward certificates and extra value on trade-ins. Crucially though, it provides access to exclusive offers and events, which includes PS5 sales. 

GameStop has been providing restocks every 7-14 days recently and one is expected at some time this week. For the best chance of getting hold of one, you can sign up to the Power Up Pro membership below. 

Update 9/14: restock expected today

GameStop Power Up Pro membership

GameStop Power Up Pro membership $14.99 per year
Become a GameStop Power Up Pro member for the chance to access exclusive events and offers, such as PS5 restocks. 


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