A new PS5 just hit the shelves but will it be easier to buy?

The new PlayStation 5 model number has a few subtle changes to improve the manufacturing process which could increase the number being produced

PlayStation 5
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The release of a new version of the PlayStation 5 sounds like a big deal, except that this new version is virtually identical to the original. In fact, the only way you’ll be able to tell it’s new is the model number (CFI-1102A) and a slightly different screw on the stand.

Rather than a standard screw that needs a flat head screwdriver, the new screw can be tightened by hand. This makes the setting up easier for those unboxing if nothing else.

It’s also slightly lighter by around 10.5oz (300g), so I suppose you could weigh it too. Though what has allowed this weight loss is a bit of a mystery. The important point is that these changes have been implemented to help improve the production process.

The biggest delay in PS5 production has been the availability of chips, though Sony claim to now have enough of these to hit a production target of 14.8 million by March 2022. While it’s unlikely that the new screw and weight loss will completely solve the demand issues, even a slight change in the process could mean thousands more rolling off the production line.

According to Australian site, Press Start (via Tom’s Guide), the new model numbers have been received Down Under. It also claims that both the digital and disc versions have been updated with this new design.

With models also expected to head to the US, we’ll wait and see if it is any easier to get hold of, or if we’re destined to chase illusive restocks for months to come.

Mat Gallagher

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