PS5 teardown reveals the real differences in the new model

Now we finally know what is causing the weight difference in the new PS5

PS5 Heat Sync change
(Image credit: YouTube / Austin Evans)

The updated version of the Sony Playstation 5 weighs 300g less than the original model due to a due small heat sync unit, and it’s causing it to kick out more heat. That’s what we now know thanks to a tear-down video on YouTube by Austin Evans (see below).

While we knew that there were differences between the original CFI-1000 PS5 model and the new CFI-1102A, the full details remained a mystery. All the release information revealed was a new screw for the stand and a weight reduction of around 300g (10.6oz). It was also reported that the disc version was no longer selling at a loss.

This had to mean that some form of cost-saving had been made. This it seems has been achieved by replacing the heat sync system with a smaller unit. However, to account for this, changes have also been made to the fan.

In the video Evans reveals that the fan on the new model as longer and curvier blades. Still made by the fan manufacturer Delta, the unit weighs exactly the same but is more efficient and slightly quieter than the original.

When it comes to revealing the heat sync the difference is much less subtle. The new unit is around half the size and has removed a large amount of the copper and aluminum heat fins compared to the original. The difference is the full 300g.

Due to the smaller heat sync, the new PS5 does run hotter – at least the heat from the vents is around three degrees Celsius higher. It’s not clear whether the temperature on the chip is higher or if the new fan design is able to expel all of this extra heat and therefore the larger heat sync is no longer needed.

Other observations included a slight color difference to the board and a reduction in the number of Wi-Fi aerials – down from four to two. These are also potentially cost savings, or at least a move to more available parts to aid the production process.

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