These are the differences between the new PS5 model and the old one

The new PS5 has quietly gone on sale, and these are the differences compared to the original PlayStation 5

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T3 first reported on rumors about a revised PS5 model back in July, with leaks indicating that the console was going to be lighter and sport a new model number.

Well, there is indeed a new revised PS5, with the console reported as hitting store shelves quietly over the last few weeks.

And, what's more, the console does come with some differences compared to the launch PS5. Here are the changes discovered by gamers with the new system so far:

1. The console has a new stand design with a redesigned screw. The stand on the new model PS5 has a revised clamp system, for affixing it to the rear of the console, as well as a screw with new ridged plastic cap – the latter allowing the stand to be screwed on and unscrewed by hand. The launch PS5 needed a screwdriver to affix and remove the stand. Early reports from owners indicate that the PS5 stand is easier to affix to the console as a result.

2. The new PS5 weighs 300 grams (0.6 pounds) less than the original console. Exactly why the console weighs less has yet to be determined.

3. The new PS5 has a new model number, which is CFI-1102A. The original PS5's model number is CFI-1000.

T3 has reached out to Sony for confirmation on exactly why the new PS5 is lighter, but we're guessing slightly streamlined internal changes, as well as those to the stand, are responsible.

So, overall, this new PS5 looks very much like a very small revision to the original console, likely designed to reduce production costs while also fixing small issues.

The most critical question, though, is if this new PS5 will be any easier to buy, as PlayStation 5 console shortages continue around the world, with PS5 restocks few and far between. If more of these PS5s can be made quicker than the launch model then that will be great news for gamers, and make it easier for them to ring up a system.

And, once a PS5 is rung up, gamers can then improve it further by adding in one of the best PS5 SSDs for expanded storage, as well as a colorful new classic PlayStation badge (as shown in the lead image).

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