This dirt cheap PS5 mod upgrades your console with the classic PlayStation logo

Get the classic PlayStation logo on your PS5 console now with this cheap and quick mod

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Sony | NewSkins)

It's fair to say that the PlayStation 5 has divided opinion with its design, with some loving its futuristic, games-console-from-the-future looks, and others lamenting its size and unique flared design.

But where nobody is in disagreement is that the black recessed PlayStation logo on the console is not as good as the original multi-colored original. The original PlayStation logo was a bold dash of color on an otherwise mutely colored console, and that's exactly what the PS5 needs.

Luckily, while Sony itself hasn't released an official kit to mod the console with, plenty of enterprising third party makers have, with classic colorful PlayStation logos available right now to mod the console with for just a couple of bucks/pounds.

They're really easy to fit, too. You simply take the front plate off the PS5, which literally takes three seconds, and then you apply the classic PlayStation logo vinyl sticker to the casing under the plate. See the images below to see how the vinyl sticker is supplied, and  how it looks applied to the casing.

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5

The logo is printed on 3M Vinyl and is incredible easy to fit.

(Image credit: NewSkins)

Once that is achieved you then just put the front PS5 plate back on (again, taking all of three seconds), and then you can sit back and enjoy your modded console with classic PlayStation logo.

Now, instead of just seeing a dark recess, you've got a vibrant multi-colored one, which contrasts really nicely to the clean white casing. If you do intend to buy any custom plates for your PS5 in the future, either officially released or made by third party makers like dbrand, then this mod will seamlessly work with those as well.

What's really neat about these vinyl stickers is that they can be easily removed, too. So if you go on to sell the Sony PlayStation 5 and want to do so with the console as stock out of the box, then you can do so.

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5

That looks so much better.

(Image credit: NewSkins)

Pre-made vinyl stickers like this can be bought at a number of places, including Etsy, where this one for example is retailing for just £2.20 in the UK, this one can be rung up for $3.29 in the USA and this one can be bought for AU$9.00 in Australia via eBay. But here at T3 we also think that there isn't any reason why you also couldn't make your own. It looks like a simply design to copy and print yourself.

Now all we need is Sony to get its ass in gear and start releasing some officially licenced custom PS5 face plates, as that way gamers can start rocking a console that is personalised very much to them and their tastes, and deliver the clean modern design of the PlayStation 5 along with the classic logo that made the gaming brand famous.

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