Gamebyte thwarts bots with PS5 restock alerts but sign-ups close TODAY

Ahead of its PS5 restock, Gamebyte rolls out new measures to make the purchasing process as fair as possible

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Despite stock shortages and scalpers making the PS5 a nightmare to get hold of, this month has seen an influx of inventory at retailers thanks to a March PS5 restock. If that wasn't enough good news, more retailers are devising means to thwart bots and scalpers, with Gamebyte being the most recent to hop on board ahead of its PS5 restock this week.

The retailer is curtailing bots by introducing a sign-up process for anyone interested in buying a PS5 from its website. Once you sign up for the newsletter, you'll be sent a link to purchase the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition bundles once the stock is live. Unlike BOX, or the Currys PS5 Priority Pass, which has prospective customers sign up, and pulls entrants at random giving them a guaranteed opportunity to buy the console, this is just a heads up limited to people who sign up for the Gamebyte newsletter. 

If you don't have a link, you won't be able to find the product page on the site. If you get the link, it's still a free-for-all, but it'll be limited to human beings so you'll have a fair chance at beating your fellow gamers to the punch if you're fast enough. Just be sure that the incoming email won't be missed in your junk mail!  

Sign-ups close today, March 15, at 5.30PM GMT, so make sure you head over to Gamebyte and register your email address before then.  

Last week, we saw more PS5 consoles become available across regions, and this week is set for even more PS5 restocks according to PS5 stock tracking accounts. Amazon has been tipped for a PS5 restock this week so we're keeping an eye on the retailer's website, but you can always bookmark T3's PS5 stock tracker to stay up to date with predicted and tipped PS5 stock drops.

And as we always mention with these PS5 restocks, remember: the PS5 isn't region locked so as long as you can organise shipment to your address through the retailer, friend, family, or a shipping forwarder, then the world is your oyster.

Of course, if the Xbox Series X  or Xbox Series S are more your speed, you can keep up with stock drops for Microsoft's consoles with our Xbox Series X stock tracker.  

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